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7.5 million

According to Main Street America, 7.5 million businesses are in danger of closing.

Yikes! No wonder you are anxious! 

We get it. That’s why Business Your Way is standing ready with a clear plan and proven tools to lead you out of the chaos and fear to a business life that works for you (not the other way around)!

Business Your Way coaching gives you all the tools you need, whether you are in a crisis, feeling that sales are too low, or just bored with your message. Not only do we give you the tools, we custom design a plan and stay with you through the process.

Our proven tools are Simple to use, Focused for your specific business, and Effective in giving you more sales and more time and money to live life YOUR way.

Business Your Way offers you stress-free confidence, allowing you to live the life you love today! Schedule your no obligation appointment now.

What to Expect when Coaching with Business Your Way

Employee Relations

Do your employees really know your vision? Do they truly convey the message you want to send? Do they truly represent the feeling, knowledge and experience you want your customers to have? If not, we can change that.


What do your potential customers see when they see you, your website, your business card, your social media, your ads? Do they understand what you are trying to say? Communication strategies within your organization are important as well. Let’s make your message, clear, consistent and direct.


Is your message being clearly conveyed to the public in the most effective way to your specific market so that they understand what you are selling and why they need it? Let’s make that happen.


You want to be sure of where you are going and why. What’s your vision for your company? How can you best accomplish that? We will define clear goals with tasks and timelines specific to your destination.


You have a great product or service. You spend all your time trying to get people to buy it, but do they really understand how it can change their lives? Do they really know the value you offer? Let’s let them in on your secret.

And More:
Clarifying Vision
Mission Statement
Organizing your finances
Framing your website
Social Media
Organizing mailing lists
Email campaigns
Lead generation….

Gateway to Freedom

Even the best, most simple and powerful business strategies can get side tracked in the confusion of a thought process that keeps you stuck. So let’s take care of that first, so you can quickly and easily make the changes you need to turn your business around.

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“Marianne Clyde has put together a clear picture of the modern work life and it’s stresses that tear at the fabric of our work places. The tools she shares to achieve Zentivity are fantastic, practical methods to help both employees and employers find balance, improve their lives and productivity.”

Lantie Elisabeth Jorandby, M.D.

General and Addiction Psychiatrist, Amen Clinics Inc. DC

Your Simple 3 Step Plan

Schedule Appointment

Take that first step. Make a no obligation appointment and we will help you sort things out.

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Develop a Plan

After our initial appointment, when you decide to move forward, we will develop a customized plan and timeline for your business success.

Regain Control

You begin to feel like you’ve got a clear direction. We will work with you step by step as you regain confidence and begin to feel the freedom and success you deserve.

9 Ways to Save Your Business

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