Your Simple 3 Step Coaching Plan

Schedule Appointment

Take that first step. Make a no obligation appointment and we will help you sort things out.

(See how you instantly breathe easier.)

Develop a Plan

After our initial appointment, when you decide to move forward, we will develop a customized plan and timeline for your business success.

Regain Control

You begin to feel like you’ve got a clear direction. We will work with you step by step as you regain confidence and begin to feel the freedom and success you deserve.

At Business Your Way, we believe in consistent action:

Continuous Learning

We understand that no one can ever know all there is to know, so we keep up to date with our own learning and skills so that we can offer the most up to date, effective advice and leadership for our clients.

Offering Regular Encouragement

We want to be your “go-to” source for information and motivation when you need it, so we offer free, consistent posts on social media and email to keep you going when the going gets tough.

Providing Valuable Content

Since we are constantly learning and growing we collect so much good stuff that we share regular up to date content via email, webinars and groups that can keep your business moving in the right direction.

How we do coaching YOUR way:

Small Group Coaching

Small Group Coaching

Groups of 5-10 people will benefit from a group setting, in which you can get additional feedback from your peers, following a specific “Business Made Simple” protocol and curriculum. The dates and focus of these coaching groups will be announced here and on our FB page, as well as through email. Includes a subscription to Business Made Simple University.


Your investment: $600/month

Hero on a Mission Workshops

Hero on a Mission Workshops

The workshops are held periodically throughout the year, helping you design a life of purpose and direction with a 1, 5 and 10- year plan in mind, creating a path forward to fulfill your life’s purpose. Remember wasted time means wasted money! These will be announced here and on our FB page as well as through email.


Your investment: $250/participant



These are held periodically throughout the year on specific topics of interest and will be announced here and on our FB page.


One on One Custom Coaching Packages

One on One Custom Coaching Packages

During your Free Consultation, we will assess your business needs through your feedback and our Business MRI assessment tool. Using that assessment we will create a plan addressing the issues you most need to fix for quick results and then systematically build your business one area at a time, so you can increase profit and impact. Included: a subscription to Business Made Simple University and Zentivity 12 module course. Be sure to also follow our FB page.


Your investment: 6 month package $6,000 or 12 month package $10,000.

“Small and Intentional Changes have made such a huge difference in just one week’s time!! Thank you so much to Marianne Clyde for her “Heroes on a Mission Workshop”. If you are interested in making a Better Plan, Refocusing your Energy and Accomplishing Your Goals in 2021, I highly recommend attending a Business Your Way Workshop as your next step!!”      

Carmen Rivera

State Farm Insurance

For keynotes or custom corporate packages, we’d love to chat with you. Please call us at 800-574-8410 or email

Tuesday Tips

Each Tuesday, we deliver free valuable, actionable business tips directly to your inbox.

Our Key Characteristics

Effective Listening: We are trained to be able to hear our clients’ true needs and desires and lead them in developing a clear and productive plan.

Compassionate Confidence: Speaking from a place of experience, we can empathize with the struggles and stresses of the business owner and have seen effective results from our prescribed methods.

Patient Tenacity: We will hang in there with you as you take steps to achieve your goals at a pace that works for you.

“There was a lot of conflict within the company when I came to you … It seemed like I was fighting issues and people all the time. You ask great questions to help folks come up with their own conclusions. You also have the ability to help clear the stress from situations so that a path becomes apparent that isn’t forced. My confidence came back. It became apparent about what we were arguing over most of the time was employees. We changed out 1/3 of our staff in six months and 80% of the stress and problems went away within a few months.”

Tony T.

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