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Hero on a Mission Workshops

The story of most people’s lives would make for a pretty boring movie. Sure, there might be moments of excitement here and there. But overall, most people live pretty uninteresting lives. Why? Because too many of us spend our lives sitting around, waiting for something to happen instead of taking action to create the life we want.

But what if our lives could be lived in a more interesting way? What if we structured our lives more like a movie? What if we could live as characters in an interesting story? What if we became heroes on a mission? We can. We can live our lives in a way that is not only interesting, but meaningful.

Join us as we help you design a life of purpose and direction with a 1, 5 and 10- year plan in mind, creating a path forward to fulfill your life’s purpose. 

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2021 Dates:

January 14, 28
February 11, 25
March 11, 25
April 8, 22
May 5, 20
June 3, 17

Small Group Coaching

These sessions will be focused on Mission, Messaging and Intro to Marketing. Get your company off to a focused, clear start, with specific goals and motivating mission that will guide you as you present your business to the world. You will learn to communicate to your customers that you understand and empathize with their problem and have the perfect solution that works. You will save time and energy in your marketing, while increasing sales. We will meet via Zoom twice a month for 6 months, starting January 14, 2021 from 4:00-5:30pm EST.

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“Finally, a framework and a perspective to use to increase my personal and professional productivity, success and joy. Known for my frugality, it [Hero On A Mission] was worth every penny. I am signing up for the coaching as well. Where has this been all my life or where have I been? Blind no longer. I am supercharged to move into the next season of my life.”

Jill Kamp Melton

Author, The Power of the Zip

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